It's all about getting your songs to the world!

Songwriters and artists that we work with get things done. They bring their songs to Nashville. They get feedback, answers, and best of all: they get better. If you'd like to get things moving with your songwriting career, check out these services and get in touch!

The 3-Song Demo Critique

This has been one of our more popular services for years, and is great for writers to see where they stand with their songs. The fee is $125 and here's what's included:

An extensive professional review of 3 songs.
We will listen for several days to your demo in a few different systems and locations to get a feel for the music, and it's commercial appeal. Other factors taken into consideration will be songwriting strength, originality, music talent, and heart.

Detailed email, and follow-up phone conversation if you like.
We will write a long, detailed email about the songs and the topics listed above. Then, when you have had time to digest all that, we can schedule a phone call to talk more in-depth.

Suggestions for next step, publication, or industry contact.
Sometimes our best suggestion will be a few days of work at our studio, or we could suggest other next steps like finding a Performing Rights Organization. We might even be interested in publishing something at From the Moment Music.

Discount off future Day Rate at Creative Soul in Nashville.
If you decide to schedule a day here in Nashville in person after this critique, we will take $50 off the Day Rate price for that day, or any other services you might have us do for you.

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Single Song Arranging and Master Quality Recording Services

There's nothing better than walking into a publisher's office with professional recordings of your songs. This is done by our production company Creative Soul. We can help with full studio arrangements, programmed arrangements, or simple piano or guitar/vocal demos. Check out our Opportunities Section now for an amazing offer on song demos!

In Person Hourly Rates in Nashville

We work with clients all the time here in Nashville, and invite you to become part of songwriter business. We can help with answering your questions, listening to your newest songs, helping you get in touch with ASCAP or BMI, publishers, and more. Our hourly rate is $50.

Songwriter Portfolio/Website

Every songwriter needs a way to show off his songs, much like we do here on this site. We can build a fantastic site for you to show your songs off to publishers, producer, and artists.

Ready to get your songwriting career moving? Contact us here for more info on any of these services...