I am an artist and would like to use a song I hear on your site. What's the process?
First, email us and express your interest in the song. We'll be excited and happy to help. In your email please state plainly what song(s) you are interested in and what use you require (quantity, track use, and/or additional production/promotion services).

We will then send you a simple one page form called "Request for Mechanical Royalty", which is a legal way of saying you want to pay royalties to use the song and we allow it. At that time you will have the option of paying the deposit for the options you choose via Paypal, or sending us a check.

If you have questions, just email us.

How much does it cost to use a song from From the Moment Music?
Typical mechanical royalties are currently 9.10 cents per song of 5 minutes or less, per CD. On 1000 CDs that comes to $91. We charge a minimum of $100 for use of any song in our catalog. However, we also offer the pre-made track on many of our songs for an affordable fee of $150. So for $250 you can purchase rights to both the song and the track for your recording of 1000 or less units. This includes the use of the song as ringtones, downloads, and other audio sales you may get while selling your first thousand CDs.

For information on production and promotion of this song, please contact us as there are many variables involved.

I am a song writer. What happens if I submit a song to From the Moment Music?
If it's a song sent in that is related to a pitch we were looking for, the producer and artists will listen. If they like it, we will contact you and begin talking about publishing the song. Make sure your contact info is on the disc, email, or anything you send us. If we did not request it, or it either does not match the pitch or our needs, we most likely will not be able to respond. Also, we do not return materials, so please do not send a copy you do not need back. For full submission details, see our Pitch Opps page.

Note: Unless we send out a Call for Songs via our Special Opportunities email list, then we are not looking for or accepting songs. Sorry to be blunt, but we have so much going on we can only focus on the material we need at the current time, and not songs we "many" need later. Just not enough hours (and way too many songs! ;)

Also Note: Do not submit blindly. We just don't have the time to listen to every song sent to us, and will probably delete it if an email or song comes in unsolicited. Feel free to contact us though with a question or song idea.

Do you work with just lyric writers? Can you put music to my lyrics?
We do not work with only lyricists, and do not offer a service for putting music to lyrics. This is generally frowned upon and you should be careful with people who offer to charge you to put a melody to your lyrics.

We do however co-write with strong lyricists, artists and writers, but that is on a song by song basis. We usually do this as part of our arranging/demo services, through our company Creative Soul (see below).

Do you produce artists that write? Do you have a studio?
From the Moment Music is the publishing arm of Creative Soul Records, a full featured production and artist promotion company. As a publishing company our job in general is great songs, but if you fall into the singer/songwriter category and feel production is what you need, Creative Soul Records is what you are looking for.

I am a singer but I do not write music, are you interested in working with me?
We are always looking for artists we can write for and produce. This is also a service of Creative Soul Records.